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Volume: 9
Issue: 36

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About this issue

Prof. Dr. Mauro Bertotti
Institute of Chemistry, University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil

“The articles reveal that analytical chemistry is a long-standing example of an interdisciplinary approach to scientific research, pushing the field into emerging topics of societal importance.” read more


Edenir R. Pereira Filho, a researcher with a broad and solid background in science and also a YouTuber, recently gave an interview to BrJAC


Prof. Dr. Edenir Rodrigues Pereira Filho
Dept. of Chemistry, Federal University of São Carlos, SP, Brazil

“... the interaction between Brazilian researchers and industry must be more collaborative, and the dialogue should be improved...” read more

Point of View

The Case of the Limit of Detection

Prof. Dr. George L. Donati
Department of Chemistry, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

“… ‘the case of the LOD’ may foster an awareness that could facilitate the identification of instances in which the connection between different concepts is essential: from adequate reporting of analytical results to new ideas and discoveries.” read more


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