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Volume: 7
Issue: 28

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Use of measurement uncertainty in compliance assessment with regulatory limits

Elcio Cruz de Oliveira
Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Technical Consultant at TRANSPETRO Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

“…ideally, the quality of the measurement process should have an uncertainty value in order to balance the costs of analysis and incorrect decisions…" read more


A Model Professor Committed to Science and the Motivation of Young Researchers

Érico M. M. Flores
Full Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Federal University of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

“…one of the biggest challenges for scientific research in Brazil is to transform the knowledge generated into applications that impact the daily lives…” read more

Point of View

Analytical Chemistry and Materials Science: The Perfect Symbiosis to Improve Existing or New Methods

César R. T. Tarley
Full Professor at the Universidade Estadual de Londrina, PR, Brazil “…materials science must be greatly exploited as a frontier of chemical and analytical chemistry knowledge, but commonly, and as expected, analytical chemists have been the protagonists.”... read more


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