Volume: 8

Issue: 31


BrJAC Nº 31 brings an Editorial titled “BrJAC 10 Years” by Prof. Dr. Marco Aurélio Zezzi Arruda; Interview: “Compilation of 30 interviews with senior researchers published in the 10 years of BrJAC”; Point of View: “The Role of Analytical Chemistry in Agrofood” by Prof. Dr. Pedro V. Oliveira; Letter: “Professor Remolo Ciola, a Master and a Genius” by Celso Blatt, PhD; two Reviews: “Wireless Wearable Electrochemical Sensors” and “The Importance and Challenges for Analytical Chemistry in Proteomics Analysis”; three Articles: “Microwave-Assisted Acid Digestion of Infant Food for Determination of Macro and Toxic Elements using Argon-Based Plasma Spectroanalytical Methods”, “Triclosan: Electrochemistry, Spontaneous Degradation and Effect on Double- Stranded DNA” and “Emerging Contaminants in Aqueous Matrices Determined by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry”.

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BrJAC 10 Years

Marco Aurélio Zezzi Arruda
Full Professor
Institute of Chemistry, University of Campinas, SP, Brazil

“We are partying! To celebrate the BrJAC 10 years, we have prepared a very special Edition that is full of history and scientific knowledge.”

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Compilation of 30 interviews with senior researchers published in the 10 years of BrJAC BrJAC

This set of interviews provides the reader with a broad and diversified view of the evolution of analytical chemistry over the decades, both in Brazil and abroad.

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Point of View

The Role of Analytical Chemistry in Agrofood

Pedro V. Oliveira

Full Professor

“…our planet is changing, bringing with it new challenges that must be overcome if we want to live in a world without hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition...”

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Prof. Remolo Ciola, a Master and a Genius

Celso Blatt, PhD
GC and GC/MS Application Scientist
Agilent Technologies Brasil, SP, Brazil

“Prof. Ciola has always impressed me with his knowledge of basic chemistry, organic chemistry, synthesis, polymers and catalysis. In addition, he was very good at designing and creating technological solutions to solve problems.”

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Wireless Wearable Electrochemical Sensors

Thais Maria Rabelo Alves, Patricia Batista Deroco, Dagwin Wachholz Junior, Lourenço Henrique Bittar Vidotto and Lauro Tatsuo Kubota

In this review, the main advances in technologies used in the development of fully integrated wireless wearable electrochemical devices, such as communication protocols, data collection and privacy concerns and power sources are presented.

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The Importance and Challenges for Analytical Chemistry in Proteomics Analysis

Weliton Pedro Batiston, Emanuel Carrilho

This review provides: an overview on the shotgun, bottom-up, middle-down, top-down, and native proteomics analysis, and their inherent instrumentation technologies; a discussion of the analytical figures of merit in proteomics analysis; the limitations in multidimensional LC and MS/MS platforms; some perspectives in bioinformatics.

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Determination of Macro, Micro and Toxic Elements using Argon-Based Plasma Spectroanalytical Methods in order to support Brazilian Regulations on Inorganic Constituents in Infant Foods

Marcelo Larsen de Lima Tozo, Fernanda Costa Pinheiro, Joaquim Araújo Nóbrega

Two analytical procedures were developed using ICP-MS for determination of As, Cd, Sn and Pb and ICP OES for determination of Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P and Zn attending both Brazilian regulations. Microwave-assisted acid digestion of solid samples was carried out in closed vessels.

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Triclosan: Electrochemistry, Spontaneous Degradation and Effects on Double-Stranded DNA

Elizaura Hyeda Carvalho Silva, Ilanna Campelo Lopes, Evellin Enny Silva Bruzaca, Paulina Andréa Viana de Carvalho, Auro Atsushi Tanaka

The aims of this work were to (i) to study the electrochemical behaviour of triclosan (TCS) in aqueous solution by voltammetry (ii) to monitor the chemical degradation process of TCS in aqueous medium by voltammetric and spectrophotometric techniques and (iii) to investigate the interaction of TCS with DNA using DNA electrochemical biosensor and DNA incubated solutions.

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Emerging Contaminants in Aqueous Matrices Determined by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Emerson Luis Yoshio Hara, Barbara G. S. Soares, Adriano L. P. Paiva, Bruno José Gonçalves dos Santos, Gilberto Abate, Kelly Cavalcanti Machado, Beatriz Isabella Cestaro, Rafael Garrett Dolatto, Marco Tadeu Grassi

An analytical protocol was developed to shorten the derivatization time of emerging contaminants in water before their determination by GC-MS. The silylation reaction of the analytes was assisted by microwave, which provided an increase in the efficiency of the reaction and a significant decrease in the derivatization time of the analytes.

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BrJAC Celebrates 10 Years of Existence

The BrJAC completed 10 years of existence on June 18, 2020. To celebrate this significant milestone, an online event was held in which the evolution and modernization that the journal has undergone in these 10 years was presented.

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Pittcon 2021 was held as a Virtual Event

The Pittcon Conference & Expo, like the whole world, had to adapt due to the new coronavirus pandemic and held its 72nd edition as a virtual event, which took place March 8-12, 2021.

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Sponsor Reports

A robust mass spectrometer for precision medicine – the Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer for large-scale plasma protein profiling

This report demonstrates the reliability and robustness of an Orbitrap mass spectrometer for large-scale, untargeted plasma protein profiling.

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Total elemental analysis in clinical research using the Thermo Scientific iCAP TQ ICP-MS

This report focuses on the development of a robust method for the analysis of titanium and other trace elements in human serum reference materials using the Thermo Scientific iCAP TQ ICP-MS.

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Preparation of Biological Samples for Trace Metal Analysis

This report presents the acid digestion of samples using ultrapure quartz inserts with low acid volumes ICP and AAS metal analysis.

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Sponsor Releases

Thermo Fisher Scientific – The world leader in serving science

To serve science, Thermo Fisher Scientific needs to think about advancing science, so customers have the freedom to be bolder and more innovative – we are committed to pushing science and technology a step beyond where it is.

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A Milestone in Analytical Chemistry

Milestone has been active since 1988 in the field of advanced microwave sample preparation. Milestone provides the most innovative technology for metals analysis, direct mercury analysis and the application of microwave technology to extraction, ashing and synthesis.

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Pittcon 2022: Finally a Chance to Collaborate in Person

Reconnect with colleagues, feel the instruments, and experience the sights. Celebrate bringing together a world of knowledge to impact, enrich, and inspire the future of science. March 5-9, 2022, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA USA.

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SelectScience® Pioneers online Communication and Promotes Scientific Success

SelectScience® informs through Editorial, Q&A and Application Articles, Featured Topics, Event Coverage, Video and Webinars.

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CHROMacademy is the leading provider of eLearning for analytical science

For over 10 years, CHROMacademy has increased knowledge, efficiency and productivity across all applications of chromatography.

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