Revista BrJAC

New Edition

Volume 6, Issue 24 of BrJAC brings scientific papers on: a study of the harvest influence in volatile composition of chocolates using GC×GC-QMS and chemometrics; a selective extraction of manganese using seeds as bioadsorbent; a quality evaluation of food supplements using Gel Electrophoresis and Cell Phone; and a Micelar-Electrokinetic Chromatography separation of nitrogen-containing aromatic compounds in diesel prepared as microemulsion.

The Editorial discusses chromatographic challenges. The interview is with Prof. Dr. Professor Fabio Augusto, a pioneer researcher in Brazil in the development of modern analytical separation techniques. He discussed with BrJAC his memories and lucid ideas about the situation of science in Brazil. The Point of View presents considerations about trends and perspectives on future developments in Liquid Chromatography and a Letter discusses if Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography is here to stay.

The Sponsor Reports present: flow modulated GCxGC with low duty cycle modulation; the determination of organic acids in fruit juices and wines by High-Pressure IC; and how to overcome the memory effect in dioxins extraction with a benchtop microwave extraction system.

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