Revista BrJAC

New Edition

Volume 6, Issue 25 of BrJAC brings scientific papers on: the anthropic action effects on rural and urban soil contamination evaluated in different depths; the chemical profile of vegetal species by DART-MS and PCA; a review on water and wastewater treatment and a technical note on the development of a method of analyzing natural waters using a smartphone and the PhotoMetrix® app.

The Editorial introduces BrJAC's 10th anniversary. In an interview, Prof. Dr. Matthieu Tubino, a researcher with a long academic career and strong humanist profile, exposed his ideas and memories to BrJAC. The Point of View discusses the current elemental speciation analysis from a green chemistry perspective, and a Letter presents a chemical approach for the identification of PVC and PVDC in pharmaceutical packaging materials.

The Sponsor Reports present: the analysis of elemental impurities in drug products by ICP OES; quantitation workflows of haloacetic acids, bromate, and dalapon in water according to EPA Method 557, using a robust and reproducible triple quadrupole mass spectrometer; sample preparation of polymers for trace metal analysis using a high-performance microwave digestion system.

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