Revista BrJAC

New Edition

Volume 4, Issue 15 of BrJAC has free accessible scientific articles about glass and glass-ceramic homogeneity evaluation by LA-ICP-MS; a pharmaceutical preformulation comparative study; and powerful and fast structural identification of pharmaceutical impurities by DI-MS and DSC; and a technical note on the detection of emerging pollutant in sewage by molecular spectroscopy and curve resolution. The Editorial discusses the interdisciplinary aspect of analytical chemistry.

The theme Energy is developed in this issue through a Point of View entitled 'Chemistry and the Future of Brazil'; a release about the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels technological analysis center with 40 years dedicated to quality assurance of fuels and lubricants in Brazil; and sponsor reports on combustion ion chromatography enhancing halogen detection and the determination of trace elements in naphtha by ICP OES.

You should also read an interview with Prof. Dr. Celio Pasquini, who recently retired as Full Professor of the Institute of Chemistry at Unicamp, and a feature about the 14th Rio Symposium at which innovations in atomic spectrometry were presented.

Enjoy your reading!