Revista BrJAC

New Edition

Volume 5, Issue 18 of BrJAC brings a Review on a multidisciplinary and integrated system of analysis – a joined approach of advanced technologies with the multivariate statistical approach; and Articles on: the development of electroanalytic method using anodically pretreated BDD electrode; and a hierarchical cluster analysis, which could be used to obtain important information regarding the origin and distribution network of cocaine.

The Editorial title is: “Where does the measurement process begin and end in analytical chemistry?”. Points of View and Letters address the Environmental Analytical Chemistry theme.

You should also read an Interview with Prof. Norberto Peporine and a Letter in which Prof. Amauri Menegário tells about the organization of the 5th EspeQBrasil.

The Sponsor Reports are on: the determination of Hg by direct mercury analysis; determination of As and Se in environmental samples by ICP-MS; and an optimized GC-MS solution for SVOC analysis in compliance with EPA 8270D.

Two Features present what happened at the Pittcon 2018 and 5th EspeQBrasil.

Enjoy your reading!