Revista BrJAC

New Edition

Volume 4, Issue 14 of BrJAC has free accessible Scientific Articles about method developments, green synthetic procedure for the synthesis of carbon dots, and the development of a low-cost device for sample introduction and determination of mercury in irrigation water and paddy soil by CV AAS.

The theme "Food safety" is developed in this issue through the Editorial: Global Feeding – The Role of Food Safety Science; Point of View: Food Safety: the continuing challenge for analytical chemists in the area of residues and contaminants analysis; Letter: Functional foods: The future of human nutrition today; Technical Note: Determination of inorganic contaminants in meat by ICP OES: a simple method to comply with Brazilian and Chinese market demands; and a Sponsor Report: Determination of multiclass veterinary drug residues in meat, plasma, and milk on a quadrupole-Orbitrap™ LC-MS system. Recent books on chemical analysis of residues in food are presented.

You should also read an interview with Prof. Dr. Marcos Eberlin, who is the chief executive of the BrMASS; a feature about the Instituto GAIA de Espectrometria (IGE), and features about the 18th ENQA and 1st Ibero-American & 6th BrMass Conference.

Enjoy your reading!