Revista BrJAC

New Edition

Volume 6, Issue 23 of BrJAC addresses the Analytical Needs of Agribusiness. An Article presents the use of statistical multivariate analysis to evaluate if honey can be distinguished by their content minerals. A Technical Note presents an alternative to the DPPH method for the evaluation of turmeric powder extracts. The Interview is with a prominent researcher in the analytical chemistry of agricultural products. The Point of View was written by a Full Professor specializing in analytical demands for residues and contaminants in food products, and the Letter was written by the Chemistry Laboratory Manager of Nestle - Brazil. This issue also features two Articles on determining contaminants in water, and the Editorial was written by the new BrJAC editor-in-chief. The Sponsor Reports provide information on: multi-residue pesticide screening in cereals using GC-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry; total elemental analysis of food for routine and research studies by ICP-MS; and mixed-food microwave sample preparation for ICP-MS analysis.

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